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  • Each Monthly Masterclass is Centered Around ONE Aspect of Self-Mastery (Hosted Live & Available on Replay for Those Unable to Attend)
  • Downloadable Workbooks Support Weekly Ongoing Progress On Monthly Masterclass Topic
  • DAILY Motivational Morning Posts
  • Daily Journal/Exercise Prompts Help Members Build Community As They Cultivate & Build An Unshakeable Growth Mindset
  • BONUS: Invitations to Special Free & Low Cost Workshops & Events
  • BONUS: Access to Free Meditation Audios & Tools That Support Ongoing Growth & Transformation
  • Community: A Warm, Supportive Membership Comprised of Women, Introverts & Empaths Supporting One Another in Personal & Professional / Solopreneur Growth
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Group Culture...

  • Warm & supportive
  • Encouraging & helpful
  • Positive & open
  • Drama free
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No Commitment... 

  • I want you to feel you're growing steadily & I've seen that members who get involved GROW
  • Join month-to-month
  • Or choose to join for the year & receive additional perks including a welcome 1:1 private coaching call to kick-start your journey
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What members say...

“I'm so excited that I just had to share. Being in this group only a short while, I feel like I've grown leaps and bounds. In all of you...I feel like I've finally found a community where I actually belong (this means a whole lot because for the majority of my life I've always felt like I don't even belong in this world).”

“The past year has”def been life changing. I am more confident. I think before I speak negative words. Not only out loud but to myself too. I have learned to give myself grace. I have learned to see the wonderful sides of me that i was so critical of. Most importantly, I've learned to take care o myself. To give myself the love I deserve!"

"I've become more self-aware, trying to be less stressed & avoiding negative people, and the biggest thing is meeting all the beautiful people in this group who show love and support to all."

“I'm most definitely learning to trust more of my intuition. One of the best things I've gotten out of this group is that I've started to journal everyday for months now."

“I am so incredibly grateful for this transformative group because I uncovered so much self-awareness through silence and self-connection which supported my shift of "being." I am fully stepping into my passion & more more procrastination. Onward and upward authentically! BONUS: I am loving me, more and more every day!"

"I don't think any of us are the same as when we arrived!"

“Thanks to the love, support and vulnerability of the amazing women in this group and Susan, our fabulous and fearless leader, I am now beginning to love and believe in myself and know that I deserve happiness and to be loved. I no longer feel alone in my personal struggles. We are all just beautiful works in progress who deserve and will achieve all that our hearts desire! THANK YOU! DEEP BOW LADIES!"

“I'm grateful for: Being a part of this group. As an introvert who suffers from anxiety, this is way out of my comfort zone, but I am trying!"

"Take it from a person who just a few short months ago didn't even take the time for self care because she was always taking care of others. It's ok to say it's ME's not selfish. It's self worth!"


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We believe transformation happens when we're supported in taking consistent, baby steps.

Soulful people who grow together, glow together! In the moment, you  may not realize how much you're growing, but others will see it in you & share encouraging feedback.

And when you look back in a few months time, you'll be amazed!

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