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 Just in case no one's told you today:

Hi, I'm Susan, creator of The H.E.R. Rapid Transformation Method which integrates hypnosis, mindset coaching & energy balancing for a unique & holistic approach to well-being so you can embrace who you REALLY are, connect with your inner guidance, and get going on your SoulPurpose!

I'm on a mission to help women
STOP feeling "not enough"
& START shining their unique brilliance!

The world is waiting for YOU to show up in your fullest expression. Are you ready & willing?

Self-Mastery Mentor & MindSHIFT Coach Susan Eckert MA, CH
My best life assessment & planner by Self-Mastery Mentor & MindSHIFT Coach Susan Eckert MA, CH



How close are you to living your best life?


Access this FREE DOWNLOADMy Best Life Assessment & Planner:
a 29-page workbook designed to help you clarify WHO you are (self-concept), WHY you're here (purpose), WHAT you really want (mission) & HOW to get into alignment so you can leap forward & step into your best life!


Hey love, you can stop denying your (true) self now...

See, all you've ever needed to live a life free from burnout and filled with ease is already within you because, well, you are perfectly YOU!

Problem is, YOUR best gifts & strengths - the ones that allow you to enjoy states of flow - have likely been discounted, disregarded &/or buried along the way. Am I right?

It's totally not your fault! It's all thanks to social conditioning. Religious & gender training. Culture, color, class &/or identity shaming. 

Sadly, as we grow up in society, we're pressured to morph to external cues about what's valuable, ideal and important. So we accumulate invisible layers like protective armor so we'll feel accepted, a sense of belonging, and loved.

But these superficial layers only crackle our sparkle. Dim our brilliance. And dull our shine. 

Ahhh but when we shed those THAT is when we become unleashed and unlocked--able to step into blissful authenticity
...empowered brilliance
...fulfilling freedom
...our soul's truest purpose.

I know, because I too have walked this path. And I've gotta tell ya, I've never looked back!

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The Power of Hypnosis

Jan 05, 2024

I offer resources for every stage of your journey

Self-Study Courses & Books

Enjoy self-guided journeys with weekly interactive lessons.

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Community/Group Programs

Journey together with other women walking a similar development path.


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1:1 Coaching

Dive deeper &  move forward faster with a personalized coaching arrangement.


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My work with Susan has changed my life on so many levels!

  • I have stress management strategies, manage my boundaries, & stop the daily stress
  • I've developed greater self-awareness - understanding what it means to be an empath, HSP & introvert
  • I make time for things that help me recharge
  • I control my emotions & reactions - no more outbursts; I feel in control of my life & my career
  • I am calm, light, confident & grounded

For the first time in my life, I feel my path is leading to the things I'm passionate about I can see my life more clearly & I'm taking responsibility for my happiness & well-being.

I highly recommend working with Susan!

Rachel Piccirillo

Stacey Morris

Working with Susan has been a life-changing experience for me.

  • With her guidance, I have found self-love, self-confidence, and a sense of inner peace that enables me to tackle even the most challenging situations calmly and confidently.
  • I have also discovered intuitive and creative talents that I never realized existed, having been in a corporate job for so long.
  • Working with Susan has produced outcomes that I never imagined were possible. Her personalized guidance and support have helped me overcome obstacles, capitalize on my strengths, and pursue my passion for working with teens and young adults. 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Being a part of Susan's group has changed my life.

  • Not only has it given me accountability for myself but it has also provided a safe space for me and so many others.
  • We can speak freely without fear of judgment.
  • Everyone holds space for each other. It’s funny how you get to care about women you’ve never met, in all different locations but at the same time we are all the same! I’ve seen growth in so many of us over the last few months. 
  • Susan is an amazing coach. She has a light in her.
  • She sees all of us for who we are. She sees things we don’t even know are there.
  • The best parts of us are brought to light by her. She reads our energy right away and helps us shift our mindsets so we can move forward.
  • I definitely recommend the group for anyone looking to grow and connect with their higher self.

Elisa Irvolino

Get started with one of my 6-week self-study courses

The I AM Purpose Finder

I often ask clients, "What dreams did you give up to grow up?"

Most can hardly remember without some effort. But there's gold to be mined in exploring the visions of our Divine Inner Child - the one who hadn't yet been tainted by societal influences, materialism, or ideas about value & worth.

Re-claiming our purest heart space, the space in which we can most clearly hear the voice of our Soul, is the goal here.

In this 6-week self-study course, you will:

  • Engage in a 6-week journaling process to examine & explore common and persisting themes across your life
  • Deepen your understanding of your greatest priorities,  values & gifts
  • Unravel messages from your dreams, visions & meditations
  • Tap into your subconscious mind for clues about your soul's deepest longings
  • Explore & try on various role identities to find the one that fits you best
  • Create your over-arching I AM Purpose Identity Statement.
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Balance to Breakthrough: Learn how to Integrate Masculine & Feminine Energy to Reverse  Burnout & Find Flow in 6 weeks

In this 6-week self-study course, you'll:

  • Learn the key differences between masculine & feminine energy 
  • Understand social implications for masculine & feminine energy 
  • Learn the brain science behind masculine & feminine energies
  • Map & examine your energy footprint
  • Identify your primary energy modality and what that means for your ability to recharge/recover from burnout/bring projects to fruition
  • Create an energy blueprint for your ideal day
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Soulful Mindset Mastery 101

In this 6-week self-study course, you'll:

  • Learn why your mind can be your greatest enemy rather than your greatest ally
  • Learn how to differentiate between the voice of your ego mind & your true inner voice
  • Strengthen connection to your true inner voice
  • Identify limiting beliefs that are holding you stuck in repeating & unwanted outcomes
  • Learn how to reprogram repeating, subconscious thoughts
  • Harness the power of the subconscious to manifest & empower your dreams
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