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It's never too late to become who you were always meant to be...


Hi, I'm Susan Eckert MA, CH

Life Coach & Consulting Hypnotist
Self-Mastery Mentor
INFP & Introvert Warrior
The Feminine Soul Whisperer™
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The journey of life is seldom easy or a straight path.

I've survived abuse. Chronic illness. Depression. Pregnancy losses. And feeling like an outcast.

All of it colored how I viewed myself & who I thought myself to be.

But I can honestly say that the journey, although hard, helped me cultivate strength, resilience, and JOY...and a deep awareness of what is and what is not, for me, authentic self-expression.

When life is great, I am grateful!
When life is hard, I've learned to still be grateful for the lessons I know I'm learning.

WE get to CHOOSE joy, growth, & fulfillment.
WE get to choose US, and thank goodness, trauma is not required for this to happen.

By choosing me, I've given myself permission to be a life-long student: of psychology, positivity, personal growth, spirituality, energy work, mindfulness & meditation. And the learning has been like a roadmap, helping me to return to own my strengths, quirks & all, to embody my gifts, and to deliver on my purpose.

As I face empty-nester status in the coming year or two, I've refined my vision for my life.

I'm honoring my soulpurpose to support others, particularly the "underdogs" of society - women, introverts & empaths - so that we can rise in the strength of our authentic gifts, step into our purpose, and shine a light for future generations to come.

👉🏼 Are you ready to return to YOU?

The version you were always meant to become before society, parents, peers, partners & colleagues shaped you to be something & someone different?

If so, I hear you & I'm here for you! 

I’ve walked the path & understand the inner struggle you may be experiencing. 

You feel an internal push to explore authenticity, meaning & purpose, to honor your soul's call for you to be true to yourself.

And yet, it’s challenging to willingly seek & embrace change, regardless of how uncomfortable your current "comfort" zone might be. 

Deep down, you feel the inner ache to return to radical awaken the parts of you that have lain dormant and waiting - cast aside in order to honor external responsibilities & expectations. 

I was once where you are now. 

It really started in the early 2000s - I quit a 9 to 5 job & lept into the unknown. 

Scary as it was, professionally I ended up...
☑️ Doubling my income 
☑️ Writing & publishing my 1st book  (and then my 2nd, and soon my 3rd)
☑️ Getting to serve clients from a profound heartspace, changing their lives in major ways
☑️ Delivering training & educating on topics I'm deeply passionate about 

Personally, it was the beginning of:

☑️ Speaking my truth
☑️ Setting healthy boundaries
☑️ Learning to say NO to impositions & demands on my time & energy

To me, there is NOTHING more rewarding than honoring my values & gifts, and pursuing my purpose!

The tug-of-war between what's expected of you versus where your heart & soul lead you creates inner tension that results in: 

❌ Fatigue
❌ Burnout
❌ Dissatisfaction
❌ Disengagement

I know these feelings all too well.

And I can help you prevent them as you reclaim:


(so you can embrace who you REALLY are without apology)


(so what you do & who you are finally in sync) 


(so you can enjoy prosperity & fulfillment across both your professional & personal life because you're honoring ALL that's important to you...without compromise). 

My work is informed by my Master's degree in psychology, studies in coaching, hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation, energy balancing, metaphysics, & advanced training in subconscious programming. 

My unique background enables me to create holistic programs that serve clients on all levels: mind, body, energy, & soul. 



👉🏼 Signature H.E.R. Rapid Transformation Method™: a holistic mind-body-soul approach to build calm, connection, & clarity on your inner guidance & authentic self-expression


👉🏼 FLOW framework™: to help you reclaim your energy, reverse exhaustion & burnout, & intentionally design a lifestyle that keeps you on constant recharge


👉🏼Signature Career Coaching FRAMEwork™ process: taught at a local University to a diverse audience-from High School grads to Retirees all asking: How do I decide what’s next?


👉🏼 Plus a diverse toolkit to meet you where you are including: advanced studies in hypnosis, psychology & mindset, positivity, mindfulness, energy balancing, & metaphysics 


THE RESULT: an enjoyable, faster path to your truest self & your fullest potential. 

You CAN break free from exhaustion, a lack of fulfillment, working against the grain, & burnout. 

You CAN master your inner world, step into who you were always meant to become & embody peace, purpose, prosperity & abundance. 

If you’re ready to commit to your next-level evolution, I’m here for you. 

Schedule a coffee chat and feel into what might be your ideal starting point.

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Return to YOU & enjoy self-awareness, self-acceptance, & self-mastery
with Susan Eckert MA, CH

I offer resources to meet your readiness level.

Self-Study Courses & Books

Enjoy self-guided journeys with weekly interactive lessons.


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Not ready for a longer-term coaching arrangement? Book a single session designed as a deep dive on a specific topic or challenge (note: a couple options involve a follow-up or intake session).


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