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Every month in 2024 I will be hosting a free book club to support self-mastery. In January 2024 we're doing The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. We meet 4 consecutive Wednesdays.

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Journey Within Meditation Mp3

In my 20s I suffered from a chronic case of Lyme Disease that took me from athlete to unable to walk. I was in terrible pain 24/7 and suffered with chronic fatigue. I'd escape my body through meditation.

A client who struggled with fibromyalgia asked me to record my process. So I did. And I decided to make it available to others. 

It's under 25 minutes - a visualization that walks you through the process of connecting with your inner wisdom & inner peace. Enjoy!

Download the Mp3 Here
Are you an empath? Download this free assessment from Self-Mastery Mentor & Coach Susan Eckert MA, CH

Are you an Empath?

I tend to attract a lot of empaths. Thing is, many of them didn't know they're empaths before we worked together.

I created this assessment because knowing you're an empath is important for self-mastery, and because the awareness can help you make decisions that prevent exhaustion, depletion & burnout.

It's self-scoring and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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