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Evergreen courses, books & self-guided resources for women on a personal growth journey - rediscover who you really are, reclaim authenticity, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-care

Self-Guided Resources

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Community & Group Coaching for Women's personal development & growth

Leadership & Group Programs

My Signature Programs:

Understanding Cultural Diversity
(based on my book Intercultural Communication)

What were you born to do?
(formerly taught at Hofstra University)
In supportĀ of succession planning programs - an introduction to my FRAMEworkā„¢ career development process


IGNITE: Addressing the missing linkĀ - How to amplify morale, engagement, motivation & productivity by connecting the employees WHY with broader organizational mission


As a trainer & educator, I'm also available to create custom programs designed to amplify the voices of under-represented employees (e.g. women, & introverts)

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Self-Mastery Mentor & Coach Susan Eckert MA, CH

Employee & Leadership Coaching

Mindfulness & Leadership

Developing & Amplying aĀ Leadership Identity & Voice

Empathic Leadership

Managing & LeadingĀ Diverse Teams

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