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Hypnosis | Energy & Mindset Coaching | Meditation & Mindfulness

If you'd like to experience whether coaching, hypnosis, or meditation & mindfulness mentoring could help you step into greater authenticity & self-acceptance, alignment & full self-expression, or abundance through meaningful purpose, I offer a small number of short-term, targeted solutions.

Breakthrough Belief Chains™

Mindset Coaching

RESULT: Deconstruct repeating outcomes / resistance to identify & remove blocks.
(e.g. want to write that book but never have the time or just can't seem to make it happen?)

HOW IT WORKS: A 1.5 hour coaching session in which we work through my  Belief Chains Framework to uncover the source of a block or your resistance + a follow-up call.

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Future CEO

Guided Visualization Meditation

RESULT: Bypass limiting thoughts & access right-brain inner knowing on how best to move forward. 

(e.g. a client who left corporate work wanted to build her own business but was fuzzy on the details - her visualization showed her future self on stages delivering inspiring talks about future generations. This sparked an entire vision for her purpose as a solopreneur.)

HOW IT WORKS: I guide you through a visualization & then we unpack whatever your subconscious or intuition offers up; you leave with a roadmap outlining next steps on your ongoing journey. Allow 2 hours.

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Energy Audit

Energy Mindset Coaching

RESULT: Identify the source of your depletion & opportunities to  maintain recharge. 

(e.g. a client discovered that as an introvert and empath she needed to do a better job at managing boundaries & carving out time and space each weekend for creative pursuits to recharge her energy after a demanding week at work.)

HOW IT WORKS: We'll work through my energy audit process during a 1.5 hour initial session + meet again for a follow-up session 3 days later.

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Subconscious Rescripting

Hypnosis & Coaching

RESULT: Change repeating thoughts (research .ays up to 90% of our thoughts repeat day after day & over 80% of those tend to be limiting). 

(e.g. a client struggled to charge premium prices for her work. Through hypnosis we reprogrammed her subconscious mind to view her identity as a premium service provider...which soon after she became.)

HOW IT WORKS: We discuss your current vs desired situation, then I'll guide you through hypnosis (if you've never tried it, it's like meditation - only difference is we add your carefully crafted re-scripted belief - sessions are recorded for you to keep and repeat as desired); pre-session intake is 1 hr + your 2 hour hypnosis & coaching session.

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Energy Balancing

Intuitive Reiki & Coaching

RESULT: Mind.Body-Soul alignment and energy flow through chakra balancing. 

(e.g. For those familiar with yoga & chakras, this modality has been an incredible tool that's helped many of my clients shift blocks with no logical or apparent cause such as unexplained vertigo, anxiety, or an inability to speak their truth.)

HOW IT WORKS: This is unlike any reiki experience you've ever had. In this 1.5 - 2 hour session you'll experience calming reiki & then we'll sit down to discuss & compare notes (it's incredible how many shared experiences have taken place). We'll then identify solutions for challenges or blocks you've been experiencing.

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Past Life Journeying


RESULT: Whether or not you believe in past lives, hypnosis provides an opportunity to connect with the abstract, symbolic & dream-like nature of the subconscious mind. Explore what your subconscious mind wants to share with you about current blocks, challenges or self-perceived limitations. 

(e.g. a client was able to connect her emerging strength to vivid identities her subconscious mind presented as past lives.)

HOW IT WORKS: I'll guide you through past life journeying hypnosis (a carefully crafted script instructs your subconscious mind to present only information that will be beneficial to you in light of your current challenges/blocks). Sessions are recorded for you to keep and repeat as desired). A 30 minute intake precedes your 1 hour hypnosis session.

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Client Testimonial

"My work with Susan has changed my life on so many levels! I have stress management strategies, manage my boundaries & stop the daily stress."
~ RP

Client Testimonial

"I can't begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life"
~ RN


Client Testimonial

"Susan is an amazing coach. She has a light in her. She sees all of us for who we are. She sees things we don't even know are there."
~ EI